Our alumni, community members, and corporate donors have committed to your success 通过他们的慷慨捐赠. 基金会奖学金是通过 Office of 金融援助 in accordance with the criteria specified by our donors.



  • Be admitted into a degree or certificate program at the College
  • 提交联邦学生援助免费申请(FAFSA)
  • 保持令人满意的学业进展概述 SAP的政策
  • 注册至少一半时间(6学分或以上)
  • GPA保持在2分.0或更高


  • 每年的金额通常在250美元到5000美元之间.
  • Notifications are sent beginning in July and if you are selected for a scholarship, 您将收到一封电子邮件.


  • Most scholarships awarded by the 金融援助 Office are based on a combination of merit and demonstrated financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal 学生资助(FAFSA). 如果你还没有填写FAFSA,请填写 联邦学生资助 website.
  • 蒙哥马利县社区学院 has scholarships that require information not 可以在FAFSA上找到.  In order to be considered for these scholarships, we encourage 学生可选完成:



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Pennsylvania Association of Student 金融援助 Administrators (PASFAA) Scholarship

The PASFAA Scholarship is made possible by the association and generous donations 从成员. PASFAA将颁发7个1000美元的奖学金.



  • Pennsylvania resident – If you are 18 years of age or older you must be a Pennsylvania resident for at least the 12 consecutive months before you file 联邦助学金免费申请表 (excluding any time you are enrolled in a Pennsylvania postsecondary school, if you came into or remained in Pennsylvania for the purpose of attending a school or college). If you are under 18 years of age you must have a supporting parent or guardian who has been a Pennsylvania resident for at least the 12 consecutive months before you filed 联邦助学金免费申请表.
  • Enrolled at least half-time, in a degree-seeking program in a post-secondary institution of higher education OR a diploma/certificate program in the Nursing or 商业贸易 & 仅限技术部门
  • 平均成绩不低于3分.完成30个学分或相当于的学时 a post-secondary institution of higher education at the time of application


完成 PASFAA奖学金申请.


  • 奖学金 are non-renewable, but students are welcome to reapply
  • Preference will be given to applicants attending schools that are part of the PASFAA 会员
  • No more than one scholarship per year will be given to each of the following sectors: 商业贸易 & Technical, Nursing, Private Four Year, Public Two Year, PASSHE, State- 相关及研究生院.


PASFAA will distribute checks at the Fall Conference, if the winner or school representative 存在. 如果没有,我们将邮寄支票. 中奖者必须提供社会安全号码 就税务而言. The 金融援助 Office must verify that the student is enrolled 学习成绩也很好. 这项奖学金的目的是减轻债务——确实如此 not to be used by the institution to replace or reduce grant or other scholarship funds. If the student withdraws from the school prior to the scholarship funds being applied to their account, all scholarship money must be returned to the PASFAA Scholarship fund.


洛克希德·马丁公司 职业奖学金 supports students participating in skills-based training in cutting-edge technology 先进制造领域. 准备从事科技行业的学生, 工程和先进制造专业均可申请.



洛克希德·马丁公司 茎奖学金 helps provide access to pathways through education and into the STEM workforce for all students, particularly those from diverse backgrounds and communities historically 在STEM领域的代表性不足. STEM奖学金项目每年颁发1万美元 to 200 recipients studying engineering or computer science at a 4-year college or 大学. Recipients may renew the scholarship up to three times for a total potential 每名学生价值4万美元.



There are many resources that can help you find and apply for scholarships outside 冰球突破豪华版的祭品.

蒙哥马利县社区学院 奖学金 and Approved 外部奖学金
Before applying for external scholarships, you should first ensure you’ve completed the 免费申请联邦学生援助(FAFSA) (if eligible) and have applied for all 蒙哥马利县社区学院 (“Montco”) 获得奖学金的机会 冰球突破豪华版补充奖学金申请.

Montco is not responsible for the administration of any of the scholarships listed 在这一页. 学院 is not associated with any of the affiliates listed, nor 学院是否审查所提供的机会. 冰球突破豪华版提供这些奖学金 opportunities for you to research and apply at your own discretion. 你受到了鼓励 to conduct your own research and review the scholarship requirements prior to completing 提交申请.

Unfortunately, many students and parents become victims of scholarship scams. Protect 您和您的个人信息; if a scholarship application requires your social security number or for you to pay to apply, this is likely a scam; do not ever provide this information in an application!

Resources you should review prior to applying for an external scholarship

What you need to do if you are awarded an external scholarship
If offered a scholarship though an external agency, you are required to upload a copy of your official notification letter as the funding must be included in your 经济资助通知书,根据联邦法规.

Ensure your scholarship check includes your name and Montco Student ID number and 与您的正式通知信一起发送至:

DeKalb Pike大街340号

Receipt of external scholarship funds could reduce previous aid awarded. 学院 是否总是在其他援助来源之前减少贷款资金. 我们会通知你的 any required changes to your financial aid awards via a revised financial aid offer 信件,可透过自助服务浏览 Montco连接.

In addition to the external scholarships and search engines listed below, an 外部奖学金库 适用于所有蒙大的申请人及学生. 新的奖学金机会 are added regularly, so make sure to save the page as a favorite, so you can revisit 它经常.